Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Incredible Things website

I've discovered an amusing website called Incredible Things where I found incredibly useless but entertaining products.
I think these things are great conversation starters, like...

"Would you like to try some human head? Oh no, not to worry. It's made of bread! I have other 'body parts' as well in the basement *creepy grin*" Kittiwat Unarrom

"Is that your penis under your vagina panties?" Unblurred version (NSFW)

"I look like a painter minus the ability to actually PAINT." Overpriced at Barneys New York

"My peen smells like feet thanks to The ThingThong"

"My peen stays classy with these fancy chocolate hats."

I think this is one of the only products I would actually buy... Would love to rest my feet on "Little Betty"... IF I had the money of course ($650)
Source: Incredible Things

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