Monday, 30 May 2011

Wonder Showzen

The creators of Wonder Showzen had huge balls; they weren't afraid to bash on America. This show has a lot of subliminal messages about how fucked up people or the world really is. And remember, the creators used satirical humor ("In satire, vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement. Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon. WIKI"). Not everyone will find it funny and the creators totally expected that.

And they didn't give a fuck.

Why the hell was this show ever cancelled in the first place? It was freaking AWESOME. This is one of those shows where it is so damn offensive that you can't help but laugh at it... but of course, you should never take its cruel humor to heart. And no, laughing at the show doesn't mean you are evil. I already know that we are horrible human beings in the first place anyway (Don't try to deny or hide it), and this show is there to prove that=) Enjoy

From Wiki:
"Wonder Showzen is an American sketch comedy television series that aired between 2005 and 2006 on MTV2. It was created by John Lee and Vernon Chatman of PFFR. The show is rated TV-MA.

The show's format is that of educational PBS children's television shows such as Sesame Street and The Electric Company (e.g. use of stock footage, puppetry, and clips of children being interviewed), parodying the format in a very adult-oriented manner under the slogan "Play School on Acid". In addition to general controversial comedy, it satirizes politics, religion, war, sex, and culture with black comedy.

Every episode begins with a disclaimer, accompanied by the sound of someone screaming "Don't eat my baby!", which reads:



"Global Politics in 30 seconds"

"Victim of Womanhood"

"Potty Mouth"

"Hot Dog Factory"

Other clips
Celebrate Our Differences

Little Dead Pope



Sunday, 29 May 2011

サガキケイタ (Sagaki Keita)

Source: サガキケイタ, BLOG

Pat Perry

Timelapse Painting

Part uno

Part dos

Source: Pat Perry, BLOG

Eclectic Method - The Apocamix

Made me realize how there are so many films about the apocalypse/the end of the world...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Never Be My Friend

Never Be My Friend series by Adam Ellis, my favorite illustrator.
"When I'm bored, I browse through my friends' Facebook images, choose my favorites, and draw them." ~Adam Ellis

"I occasionally wonder why I still have friends at all.

And no, Michael Cera is not my friend on Facebook.

Yet." ~Adam Ellis

Source: Adam Ellis

Persona series by Jason Travis

What's in your bag?

Photography series by Jason Travis

More Images at Jason Travis' flickr

Comments from Ubersuper that made me laugh:
"Name change. 'What’s in your hip(ster) bag?'"

"None of them carrying condoms. Ha ha. In this day and age eh?"

"Also find it hard to believe that none of these women keep a tampon in their bag."

"Three womens bags, not one of them has tampons. Right."

"funny how the dudes carry more shit than the chicks."

"I find this extremely annoying. Just sayiiiinnnn"

"seriously, this is one of the most inauthentic things i’ve seen all week."

"People really don’t like hipsters. Wonder why?"

The Burning House

"If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It's a conflict between what's practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question." ~The Burning House

Comments from Buzzfeed:
"I think this is the most superficially hipster thing I've ever seen in my life."

"My shirt and a picture of my shirt. Definitely."

"What do these pictures say about their subjects? That they're all terrible people. I would grab my cat and my hard drive. Everything else is just stuff and can be replaced."

"Computer and box of photos. Who is packing up clothes!? Shit's replaceable!"

"immediately run outside, and feel terrible when I realized I forgot my cat. This kinda happened once."

And my favourite comment of all:

"I would take myself. And I guess what that says about my personality is that I don't want to DIE IN A FIRE."

If You Watch it Backwards

My favorite website of the month...

If You Watch it Backwards

Some quotes from the website:
"If you watch Pretty Woman backwards its about Richard Gere transforming Julia Roberts into a hooker."

"If you watch Gran Torino backwards, it’s about a zombie who becomes more and more racist."

"If you watch Bill Clinton backwards, he is sucking his sperm off Monica Lewinsky’s face with his penis."

"If you watch Lost backwards, it’s about a group of island people who get abducted by an airplane."

"If you watch the Justin Bieber movie backwards, you’ll have to let me know how it goes because I didn’t watch it going forwards."

"If you play a Justin Bieber song backwards, you hear messages from Satan. Even worse, if you play it forwards you hear Justin Bieber."

"If you watch Charlie and the Chocolate factory backwards, it’s about a young entrepreneur who gives his chocolate factory to a man who promptly goes insane and kicks Charlie out on the street with nothing but a golden ticket to remind him of his former riches."

"If you watch Dexter backwards, its about a man who can magically heal knife wounds of people who’ve been saran wrapped to tables. He then has a conversation, showing them pictures of all the people they’ve hurt. He teaches them his magic and they go and save the people they’ve killed."

"If you watch Passion of the Christ, It’s about Jim Morrison’s Ghost coming back to life and fending off zombies with a cross."

"If you watch WALL-E backwards, it’s about a robot who escapes from a human spaceship with the only plant in existence, buries it on Earth, and starts vomiting garbage everywhere."

"If you watch Pokemon backwards, it’s about a bunch of school-aged animal rights activists freeing animals that were being used for horrific bloodsport."

"If you watch Fight Club backwards, it’s about a schizophrenic who cures himself by going to terminal disease gatherings, which give him insomnia."

"If you watch a pregnancy backwards, it’s a woman eating and digesting a baby with her vagina."

"If you watch Godzilla vs. King Kong backwards it’s about two monsters who forget their differences and build a city."

"If you watch Home Makeover Extreme Edition backwards, you’d see a group of people taking a family away from their nice homes, destroying it and bringing them back to a nondysfunctional and devastating home."

"If you watch Bruce Almighty backwards, it’s about God failing to answer anyone’s prayers and handing the job over to Morgan Freeman."

"If you watch The Karate Kid backwards, it’s about this karate champ who slowly becomes a pussy and ends up moving back to Jersey."

"If you watch Cinderella backwards, it’s about a woman who learns her place."

"If you play Super Mario Bros backwards, you’ll find that Mario is a true philanthropist and animal lover, throwing coins into the air and saving turtles."

Source: If You Watch it Backwards

The Butterfly Circus

"At the height of the Great Depression, the showman of a renowned circus discovers a man without limbs being exploited at a carnival sideshow, but after an intriguing encounter with the showman he becomes driven to hope against everything he has ever believed."

Joe Fenton

Photographs of the artist's work in progress.

"I started work on this image back in 2010. It is 8ft across & 5ft high. In these photos I am only working in graphite. Later I will go in with ink and acrylic." ~Joe Fenton

Source: Behance Network