Wednesday, 23 March 2011

"One Man Disney Movie" Nick Pitera Disney Medley Music Video

A-mazing. I swear, I watched this more than 10 times while doing my project.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jud Turner

"Using found objects, welded steel, and re-purposed consumer items, I create sculptures which are about the exhilarations and anxieties of living in our modern, industrialized society. My artistic philosophy is, “between seeming contradictions lie greater truths.” My work is an attempt to engage viewers on several levels of visual perception; I make art that is fun to look at, but my sculptures can have disturbing implications and mixed meanings. The themes addressed in my work are contemporary issues that many of us ponder: mortality, the intersection of nature and technology, the passing of time, spirituality, and environmental sustainability.

I place a high value on craftsmanship and surface appearances. I try to balance realism with a stylization that allows me the freedom to push concepts into the deepest levels of the viewer’s perception. While my vision can tend toward the darker side of human nature, my work is infused with a sense of humor which may make difficult subjects easier to approach.

I have worked with found objects and welded steel for the past 18 years; my background and training was in drawing and painting. I enjoy the process of making sculpture -- finding objects which are re-purposed, long hours working in the solitude of the studio, and especially the way that making art affects how I view the world around me (January 2011)" ~Statement

Source: Jud Turner

Anastassia Elias

Rouleaux series

Source: Anastassia Elias

Beili Liu

"My work depends on a genuine connection to the material. By playing with the material—testing, manipulating, experimenting, and examining, even leaving it for months—I watch for the moment of surprise, when the material responds to one or a series of actions, and leads to an exciting physical or conceptual outcome. That outcome itself sometimes becomes the lead into a new project.

Often, what I learned from the material calls for a particular set of elements: structure, spatial orientation, location, light, and sound. Other times, I respond to a space or location that I come upon by chance. It asks to be transformed or fulfilled. And through the spontaneous dialogue with the chosen material and sensitive spatial compositions, I attempt to deliver it.

As one who comes from the East and lives in the West, I have experienced two distinct and often contradictory value systems. These experiences constantly influence each other, at times create conflicts in my life, yet other times offer great inspirations for my work." ~Beili Liu

Source: Beili Liu

Lori Nix

"I have been building dioramas and photographing the results since the early 1990s. As I've working through various bodies of work, from Accidentally Kansas, Lost and now The City, my fabrication skills have improved and my subject matter has become more complex. With The City series I have moved indoors, creating architectural interiors. This has proven most difficult yet most rewarding. Currently it takes about seven months to build a scene and two to three weeks to shoot the final image. I build these in my Brooklyn living room. I have miniature power tools throughout the apartment, a chop saw under the kitchen table, a miniature table saw on top. The computer room doubles as a model mock-up room. There are two of us who work on them, myself and my partner Kathleen. We split the work according to our strengths. I come up with the concept, the color palette and the lighting scenarios. I build the structures out of extruded foam and glue and paint and anything else handy. Kathleen is trained as a glass artist, specializing in cast glass work. She can paint faux finishes and gild architectural details with gold leaf. After I'm done building the structure and painting it, she comes in and adds dirt and distresses the walls to make it look old and decrepit." ~About

Source: Lori Nix

Monday, 21 March 2011

Julee Drain

Source: dA