Monday, 28 February 2011


"Caught her painting on water at Bayezid II Külliye Health Museum located in Edirne, Turkey. I believe they also call it Turkish paper marbling or Ebru..."

Ebru (Turkish Islamic art of Marbling)

More Info:The Art of Ebru, Paper Marbling WIKI

Playable Angry Birds cake

I wish it was my birthday=(

Art Project - Preview

HOLY SHIZNIT!!!!!!!!!!

Google, you truly are taking over the whole damn world.

Source: Google Art Project

Snowman goes to Desert

"The journey is completed and the snowman traveled 8000 kilometers from Japan to Bahrain in an enclosure made from Panasonic's U-Vacua insulation."

Mr. Snowman's death trip to the desert

Just Kidding=) This video made me smile. All I see is snow when I go back to Seoul during the holiday so I'm tired of it, but these kids looked happy when they were playing with snow... It made me extremely happy.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Sam Songailo

"Sam Songailo's complex and dynamic paintings are built from blocks of vivid colour woven into vibrant arrangements, the mass of interconnected shapes producing works that are pulsing and electric. The crowd of elements surge and stream along the surface of the canvas, tracing out paths that might depict flows of traffic through an urban building block or the colour-coded criss-crossings of an underground transport system. Songailo notes that the elements he employs - hard-edged abstraction, the use of high-contrast, often fluorescent colours – are part of a visual vocabulary we associate with futuristic stylings. They elicit thoughts of modern technologies and science fiction, looking like schemata of electric currents through a motherboard or synapses of the brain. This futuristic world is laden with associations of its own, and is one that Songailo finds "simultaneously appealing and unsettling". He sees his representations "both as cold, confusing, hopeless visions of the future and also as places of beauty, an exotic new world to look into and imagine the possibilities". Having studied Visual Communication at the University of South Australia and worked as a freelance graphic designer and art magazine editor, Songailo's background is in design. As such, much of his aesthetic is influenced by design, as seen in the works' composition and graphic qualities. Yet it is at the same time a reaction against it, an attempt to explore not only the message of the surface but the deeper truths for which that superficial expression stands. Here, the interaction of the overlaid elements and the complexity of the resulting structures represents Songailo's world view. Believing that "experience is a complex phenomenon", the very processes of building up the interrelated pieces echo and illustrate Songailo's belief as to the world's inherent complexity and interconnectedness.
Jena Woodburn 2010
Published in Australian Art Collector ed. #52"

Source: Sam Songailo

Origami Jewellery

"With the help of some Japanese friends, French design team Claire & Arnaud have created this collection of perfectly folded Origami Jewellery."

Source: Oye Modern

Ngai Chuen Ching aka Victo Ngai

Source: Victo Ngai

Hidden Animal Teacup

Totally want the owl one...

Source: Rakuten

Glennray Tutor

"As a painter, Glennray Tutor is a magician. Tutor's images, while completely still and calm, glow with eerie life... ...uncanny abilities... Tutor's paintings are so real that they are pervaded by an air of hallucinatory unreality..." ~FREDRIC KOEPPEL, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN.

Source: Glennray Tutor

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Don't Drink and Drive!

Hypnotise a fly

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Jessica Harrison

"The things I make are about the body: the body in space, the space within the body and the space in-between the two. The body is something we all share in one shape or form, the filter through which we all experience the world around us and the objects in front of us.

Using film, ink, resin, stone amongst other things found and made, I make objects that seek to examine how we can go beyond the traditional idea of the interior and exterior with some skin in-between, to explore a complex chiasm of surfaces and sensations that relate to and transgress one another. Rather than being a stable entity, the body emerges as one that is in constant flux, shifting, stretching, snapping, softening.

My work is based on physiological, philosophical and psychoanalytical research into the body and its senses, focusing in particular on the role of touch in our experience of objects and in the construction of knowledge; how consciousness and perception are choreographed by the senses and spatial form. This is about a perception beginning with the skin rather then the eye, a perception based on the tactile rather than optical space. Through making and sharing these objects, I am hoping to provoke questions in the observer about how their body fits in to the space around it, how space adapts and changes due to our bodies, how things are filtered and communicated through touch.

The things I make are a complex description of simultaneous unmaking and making, deconstructing an object or a body before putting it back together again – this could be interpreted as a violent process, but is often a very delicate and fragile one, a process of transplantation rather than dislocation. The works are an attempt to change the relationship of the object to the body, making visible the invisible, opening up something normally closed, softening a usually hard surface.

I am exploring the significance of surfaces in our construction of knowledge through making and experimenting, playing on our instincts and assumptions built from an historical optical hierarchy and propensity to touch what catches our attention. Our surfaces do not just act as boundaries between our inside and outside, between ‘us’ and ‘that’, but play the most vital role in our perceptions of the world around us. The objects I make attempt to unpack these perceptions and interrupt these interfaces to bring our assumptions to the surface."

Source: Jessica Harrison


"Put a smile on that mug with a hungry mouth cubby that bites off more than you can chew. Perfect for serving milk and cookies, coffee and doughnuts, tea and biscotti, or your favorite snack-time combinations"

Source: Uncommon Goods

Missing: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Source: Pleated Jeans

Now you got me craving for Doritos

I'm not a big fan of American Football, but I do always watch the Super Bowl only for the half time shows and commercials. Companies spend millions of dollars just to advertise their products for few minutes on air.

Doritos, you made the BEST commercials for the Super Bowl this year. Now you got me craving for Doritos...

Told you so

The Sauna

House Sitting

Best Part


House Rules

Alex presents: Commando

"This is the first clip in a series of video's for Mama Hope's "Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential." campaign. To learn more about our campaign and see other amazing video's visit: MAMA HOPE"

Alex, what an adorable child=)