Monday, 8 November 2010

MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos

Interesting Youtubers' comments on this video:
"Next thing ya know there's gonna be digitally resized penises."

"Seeing is no longer believing. Is there anything REAL anymore?"

"10 years from now the incredible self-abandonment of actors like Christian Bale in "The Machinist" will be completely devalued. The Machinists will take over for him.
I am a technology enthusiast but this just unethical! No wonder many people are losing their fascination for movies. How can you expect to experience "suspension of disbelief" if you know that NOTHING is real anymore?"

"UGH. THe last thing we need is more distortion of reality giving the masses unrealistic expectations of themselves and consequently, depression!"

"this is cool. if only they could reshape fat bitches in real life and get rid of their cottage cheese. so nasty to see at the beach ... i hate fat bitches"

"This is technically amazing but socially really really awful. The Media has a huge impact on social norms. When western media was introduced to Fiji in the 90's eating disorders skyrocketed. I can see this being used to morph already nonstandard actors into ideals of complete perfection.. get ready for another increase in eating disorder, bullying, suicide, and depression."

Source: Movie Reshape

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