Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wallace Smith

Wallace Smith's illustrations are amaaaaazing. I practically drool when I see his illustrations because I love them so much.
Ben Hecht's Fantazius Mallare a Mysterious Oath (1922)

By the way, Wallace Smith was jailed for his art. Apparently, some people were offended by his illustrations, especially this one:

Why is it offensive?

"As for those animals whose egoism has never escaped their testicles, they are not to be spoken of as men. Their imagination discharges itself through their penis. They are the husbands in the world I have destroyed. They understand neither beauty nor disillusion. The vagina is a door at which they deliver regularly like industrious milkmen. They are the sexual workmen to whom fornication is as much a necessity as poverty is to incompetents." ~Ben Hecht
Ahahahaa, pure poetry!

Source: Space Ghetto

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