Saturday, 13 February 2010

Beautiful Home Built From Recycled Materials

"Those people have decided to create something unique and something that you don’t see everyday and yet it is cheap and it is built from a recycled materials.
This house is one of the examples how home can be built without spending much money. This house has been built from a cheap recycled materials.
But those people are not just savvy they are also pretty creative, you can see how some of the walls, doors and roof are mosaic-like decorated. And when you look it inside it looks really nice and makes you wonder who wouldn’t like to live there."

I feel like I shouldn't throw away anything now. You can built anything from nothing! Like the cardboard boxes that I threw away this morning. Who knows? Maybe I could have built a chair, robots, desk, dress, toys, or even a camera.

Oh, the endless possibilities...


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