Tuesday, 23 February 2010

the TV show

"[Director] SUGIMOTO Kousuke [Music] MANABE Takayuki This is an animation music video that produced independently in 2009."

Le ruban

"China, in the early sixties: an angry mob is persecuting a rich landowner. Mei, a young worker, who is part of the crowd. Suddently she recognizes the victim who she secretly loves. Frightened of revealing her feelings, Mei doesn't know what to do."

My friend Maelle showed me this animation the other day, and I really loved it.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Mirror Scare

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mr. Eraser

Source: Riding with Strangers

Tamer Yilmaz

Photographer: Tamer Yilmaz
Stylist: Hakan Ozturk
Make Up: Hamiyet Akpinar
Hair: Ibrahim Zengin
Production: Hakan Ozturk

About Tamer Yilmaz: fabrika

Beautiful Home Built From Recycled Materials

"Those people have decided to create something unique and something that you don’t see everyday and yet it is cheap and it is built from a recycled materials.
This house is one of the examples how home can be built without spending much money. This house has been built from a cheap recycled materials.
But those people are not just savvy they are also pretty creative, you can see how some of the walls, doors and roof are mosaic-like decorated. And when you look it inside it looks really nice and makes you wonder who wouldn’t like to live there."

I feel like I shouldn't throw away anything now. You can built anything from nothing! Like the cardboard boxes that I threw away this morning. Who knows? Maybe I could have built a chair, robots, desk, dress, toys, or even a camera.

Oh, the endless possibilities...


(IN PRODUCTION) A Stop-Motion Animation film by David Bell and Joe Scarpulla

the machine room set

the machine room set

norm, the protagonist

a line of sculpts in progress

the church set under construction

the church set

the hallway set

the norm's bookcase model

norm's apartment set

I CAN'T WAIT for the animation to come out.
Must have taken so much money, time, and patience to make these models...

Source/More Pictures at: David Bell

Swarming monster worms and sea stars

Timelapse of swarming monster worms and sea stars eating a dead seal.

Bushy Tail

"A grey squirrel puts its bushy tail over its head to protect itself from the snow in New Jersey, USA"

Source: Telegraph

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Tea Sub

Designed by Ototo

Source: Monkey Business

Vogue December 2009: Little Girl & Boy Lost

"Vogue’s resident style guru Grace Coddington comes together with the legendary Annie Leibovitz for a reinterpretation of Hansel and Gretel. Appearing in the December issue, the editorial features Lily Cole and Andrew Garfield with a special appearance by Lady GaGa." ~Fashion Gone Rogue

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


Source: Arthur Berzinsh

Arthur Berzinsh

Source: Arthur Berzinsh

Friday, 5 February 2010

Emilie Björk

Source: Emilie Björk

Joshua Kirsch

"Sympathetic Resonance is an interactive musical instrument sculpture that utilizes the keys of a marimba (a mallet-percussion instrument of african origin) to create four and a half playable octaves. The sculpture consists of 56 "units," each containing a different note, as well as a yarn-wound mallet affixed to a rotary solenoid which allows the note to be triggered by a touch-sensitive aluminum keyboard played by the viewer. The sculpture's modular design allows it to completely change configuration from installation to installation. Each unit can be either mounted or placed on the floor or mounted to a wall, and can be connected to the keyboard with a wire of any length."

Source/Check out his other installations (They're AMAZING) at: Joshua Kirsch

Jeff Simpson




Pepper Zombie


Source: Jeff Simpson

Meringue Rings

I would be so tempted to eat it.

"Oops, I just swallowed a ring!"
"It's okay, just wait until tomorrow."

Source: Charles & Marie