Saturday, 5 December 2009

Behind the Scenes, Magical Movie Moments

"Steven Spielberg. Quentin Tarantino. Martin Scorsese. George Lucas. Modern-day movie directors who's names are somehow stored in our memory. At the very top of their game, these directors have that rare ability to transport us into a different time and place, albeit for just a few hours. They're artists who can see something most of cannot - imaginary worlds we never knew existed.

But this post isn't to celebrate their achievements, it is to take a look back at memorable movie moments that happened behind the camera. It's seeing the worried look on the crew's face as they shoot just one more take. It's that quiet moment shared between the lead actor and director, as the director tries to convey his elaborate vision. It's seconds before the cameras roll, when the director anxiously takes his seat and watches, in excitement, as his world take shape.

For these are the moments when the magic truly happens." ~alice at My Modern Met

Where the Wild Things Are

Superman Returns

Sweeney Todd

The Dark Knight

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

James Bond: Casino Royale

Kill Bill

The Godfather

Star Wars

Source/More Pictures at: My Modern Met

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