Monday, 6 July 2009

Painful and Dangerous Beauty Trends Throughout History

When I look at the crazy things women do in the name of "beauty," I remember this quote in my head:
"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her."


Vanity Insanity: Painful and Dangerous Beauty Trends Throughout History
Article by Ianne

"Lotions, potions, and crazy notions. Throughout history women have tried everything from applying hemorrhoid cream to decrease facial wrinkles to wrapping themselves in Saran Wrap to reduce cellulite. These practices may seem far fetched, but are mild in comparison to what some have done. All in the name of beauty."

Wasp Waist Victorian Corsets

"Corsets were first worn back in the 16th century and have undergone many changes over the years, but the idea behind wearing these garments remains the same. Making the wearer`s waist appear smaller. In Victorian times women began “tight lacing” a method of cinching corsets so tightly that prolonged wearing of them would actually alter their shape. Surely this was painful. It has been claimed that tight lacing weakens certain muscles, damages organs and causes fractures to rib bones."


"Preparations for a day in the life of a Geisha are not only time consuming, but sometimes painful as well. (The face white that was originally used contained lead and caused serious illness and even death) After the tedious process of make up application, a Geisha must then be dressed in a traditional kimono. Because of the many layers that make up a traditional Geisha Kimono, it is nearly impossible for the Geisha to dress herself. She stands on a platform where she is wrapped and bound by a “dresser” in three layers, several ties and two sashes. The outfit is restrictive and can weigh up to fifteen pounds."

Foot Binding

"Originating in China in the 10th century, foot binding is surely the most blatant evidence of just how far people will go in the name of beauty. In traditional Chinese foot binding, young girls’ feet were wrapped tightly with bandages so that they could not grow and develop normally. Instead the feet would become broken, deformed, and highly susceptible to infections and even paralysis. Foot binding was banned in 1911 after the Qing Dynasty . Women were ordered to unwrap their feet under threat of death."

Lip Plates

"Lip Plates are an old custom in many South American and African cultures. Six to twelve months before a women is to be married, the women of her village cut a small hole in her lower lip and a wooden peg is inserted. After a few weeks it is replaced with a slightly larger peg. The process of inserting larger pegs continues until the desired size “stretch” is achieved, at which time a plate made from light wood or clay is inserted. To accommodate the plate, the lower front teeth are removed. Ouch!"

Permanent Makeup Tattoo

"The name of this procedure speaks for itself. The idea of permanent makeup may sound appealing to some, but what sane person would allow a needle that close to their eyes to save a little time each morning. Personally I would rather have my mascara run and my lipstick fade than to have this done."

Source: Beyond Jane

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