Monday, 6 July 2009

Entire New 13-Story Building Tips Over in Shanghai

Apparently, my father was around the area when it happened. I wanted to go to Shanghai with him this month (he goes to China every month, once a week), but he was like, "NO EUN! NOOOOO!!!" (LOL). He said that he nearly died a couple of times in China, and he was NOT joking. He's going on a trip again next week, so I'm going to pray to God for his safety and protection.

P.S. - He still didn't tell me how he busted his teeth in China.

Entire New 13-Story Building Tips Over in Shanghai
Article by Dan Nosowitz

"This past Saturday, an entire apartment building in Shanghai collapsed. To be fair, the building was under construction and thus unoccupied, but it's still a minor miracle that there was only one fatality.

Sounds like there was a problem with some nearby flood prevention walls at the Dianpu River, but there's no hard evidence as to why this huge building simply fell over."

Source: Gizmodo

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