Thursday, 11 June 2009

My Milk Toof

My Milk Toof!
The story is cute but the characters are even cuter...
I'm really addicted to this blog.

One of my favourite entries from My Milk Toof:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Nibbling Away

This is odd...


ickle, do you know who's making this mess? Is something wrong? Why do you look so troubled?

Oh dear, ickle has two new baby teeth growing in! When your first teeth come in, it's always very itchy and sore. To soothe the pain, ickle has been nibbling on things all over the house.

The bedroom door.

The bathroom door.

Some doors he can't reach.

The bookshelf.

A chair leg.

But some furniture is too tough to bite on.

ickle, be a good little milk toof and promise you won't nibble on things anymore, okay?

Now back to my wonderful book...Hey ickle, where did you go?

Oh there you are. What are you doing in that box?

Oh, ickle.

Source: My Milk Toof

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