Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Greatest Event in History of Our Lifetime

The world record for the largest number of people dressed as Smurfs has been smashed in Swansea.

Source: Dlisted

Source: Dlisted

Source: China Daily

Source: Telegraph

"The Welsh city was turned blue as a group of 2,510 people, the majority of whom were students from the local university, crammed into the Oceana nightclub to almost double the previous record.

The event was organised by UK fancy dress costume seller Jokers' Masquerade and was not verified until 1am as every "Smurf" had to be checked to make sure no natural skin was showing." ~Telegraph

In case people don't know what Smurfs are... They are these tiny blue people that appear inside of communists' heads when they are high. Hope that helps.

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