Thursday, 4 June 2009

365 Day Projects

Join the adventure from the toy's perspective!


Hubba Hubba



Mario And Luigi

The brothers have a big day tomorrow. So they are sleeping early.

The brothers walk down the lit path in the forest.

The brothers are exploring this bamboo forest.


After yesterdays embarrasment, I spoke to Mario and encouraged him to take up a hobby. Much to my horror, he decided that it would be flying, and promptly organised some lessons with the resident expert, Astro Boy.

Having had a couple of lessons, and much against my advice, Mario insisted that he was ready to fly.

What Astro had failed to notice was that Mario does not have jet packs on his feet. Mario definatelty CANNOT fly!

After Mario's unsuccessful attempt at flying, he was rushed straight to hospital.

After having his breaks re set and being all banadaged up he was sent home to rest up and told he had to find yet another new hobby.

Still having internet trouble too.... Will be fixed tomorrow though, can't wait to catch up on everyones photostreams.

Star Wars Troopers

"what is he talking about? and whats up with this accent?!"
"relax... although I am kinda intimidated by his size."

"you do it!"
"no man I cant, I have family"
"so its your turn, ..."
" are the new guy"
"emm guys..."
"shut up, someone has to tell him"
"its his day off..."


"...anybody here? we are here for our physicaaaal."
"a a are we one the wrong f f f floor?"
"Have you seen that behind us?"


WALL-E Endures the Blackout

WALL-E Sleeps With the Fishes

WALL-E Enjoys Some Pie

Homer Simpson

Homer...wondering where he is

Homer makes a suit to stop aliens from playing with his mind

Homer goes cold turkey after his 48 hour chocolate binge

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