Saturday, 16 May 2009

Welcome to binge Britain

"As a seasoned traveller, Maciej Dakowicz was keen to get a few snaps of local life during his stay in Britain.

His resulting picture album, however, could do with an X certificate. Taken over a series of Friday and Saturday nights on the streets of Cardiff, the Polish student's images provide a shocking insight into alcohol-fuelled debauchery in the Welsh capital.

The unique collection is aptly named 'Cardiff At Night,' and includes a photo of a man walking across a street, his face and shirt covered in blood.

Another captures a reveller seemingly passed out next to a pool of his vomit.

First taking up photography in 2003, Maciej has travelled to over 20 countries but says he has never encountered anything like the scenes he recorded here." ~By Luke Salkeld

Is it like this in London at night too? I hope not. That's scary.

I was once harassed by a drunken man in the bus on the way to my accomodation and nooooooo one helped me. I was about to snap and bring out my New York attitude on his ass, but I just got off and transferred to another bus.

There was a drunken man (in the morning. How pathetic is that?) in the street. He was asking me for a change and when I told him I didn't have any (and I wasn't lying), he hit my precious tits with his elbow. I was like, "what the fuck!!!" then realised he passed out on the floor. "I hope you die fucker!" I kicked him in the stomach and left him there.

I'm always cautious when I go out, but these drunken men in London must have special transportation powers or something. They come out of nowhere without warning!!

This never happened to me when I was in New York.
Maybe because New Yorkers have that "Leave me alone and give me space" policy?
Or maaaaaybe people should stop binge drinking??? Yes???

Source: Daily Mail

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