Friday, 15 May 2009

Le Queloune

Warning: Gore, blood, violence, blah blah blah...

HAHAHA Dominique Pinon as the zombie clown. He is such an amazing actor. I laughed during the awkward silences between the scenes and at the clown's disturbing curiosity towards his environment (now that he's a zombie). I hate zombie films these days. SO BORING. Same content and similar story. However, Le Queloune manages to show a zombie's perspective not as a brainless corpse, but as a living dead with human qualities (except the flesh eating part, I guess?). This film is hilarious because we expect the clown to act like a typical zombie. I watched it like five times already.

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Supercolor IBz said...

I love the way the husband who comes home and eats at bit of his wife from the frying pan receives a cheeky kick on top of murder....6.52 minutes in i think ...funny