Saturday, 23 May 2009


"The hipster has many faces and many facades... Geek hipster, bicycle messenger hipster, emo punk hipster, hip hop hipster, vintage princess hipster--each tragically toolish in their self-entitled, over-inflated sense of self douchebagdom. So let's lift our Papst/High Life and cheers to our mutual hate of hipsters! What are other hipster quintessentials?"
Hipster Girls in Mustaches

"I don’t understand it at all. But notice the Tshirt with knuckle tattoo emblems.. I think that’s even funnier." ~Seattle_Cameron

Emo Hair Guide

"At least his filthy hair is covering half of his face. He took a picture of it since he can’t see." ~Seven November

I really don't understand today's youth culture... Am I getting too old?

I feel sorry for those people who categorise themselves according to the current popular "fashion." I don't hate them, but pity them from my heart. They have no individuality, personality, or creativity so they have no choice but to follow what's "cool" in today's society. If they really knew what it meant to be different, they wouldn't focus on defining themselves by what they wear and what they have.

There are six kinds of unforgettable people in this world:
1) People with talent
2) People who are kind
3) People who hurt you
4) People who are evil
5) People you love
...and 6) People with eccentric personality

By trying to fit into everyone else's standards, you become someone "forgettable" to this world.

Of course you don't know who you are because you listen to what the world tells you instead of listening to your heart...

...and your brain for once.

"Though annoying, I'll give these little snots a break only because they're still young and in school. But you know most of them are too caught up with being hipsters that they'll be dressing like phony creative types well into their 30's. Come you little douches, snap out of it. The girl with the Johnny Depp uniform at the end says she's been dressing rebellious her whole life. Whole life? Let's be serious Ashley, you know that only a couple years back your Mom was buying you clothes at JC Penny in some mall back in Pennsyltuckysota. Which is fine with me, but your new "look at me, I'm a New Yorker" uniform is pathetic. Also the ones that yell out "Urban Outfitters!" deserve to be pissed on. Just think about the name Urban Outfitters. The people that shop there will all tell you they have some sort of original style yet they are basically shopping at a store that tells you how they are going to "outfit" you in an "urban" setting?

When will this all end?" ~Die Hipster

Source: Guidespot, Die Hipster


Juliana said...

the girl is the creator of tatty devine! ive met her and her husband/child she's really really lovely!

(and I have that necklace :P )

hahahaaha hipsters hahahahaha!

that word is so fantastic!

Juliana said...

I just found out it was created in the 1940s to replace the word "hepcats" (which is even better in my opinion!!!!)

its all out beatniks and bebop!


hhahahaah in the dictionary of "For Characters Who Don't Dig Jive Talk," the entry for hipsters defined it as, "characters who like hot jazz"

OMG I'm so going to be a hipster now, or a hepcat - i love me some hot jazz!

Artsy Eunie said...

A hepcat! lol!
Yeah I find hipsters kind of annoying. I like fashion, but hipsters are way too much.
In my definition, Hipsters are those people who give themselves a specific title based on what they wear like, "I'm emo because I shop at Hot Topic" or like "I'm gothic because I wear all black."
But if you mean by hipsters who like hot jazz, that is totally awesome. I would love to be a hipster and listen to those jazz all day!

Artsy Eunie said...

I can't believe it's the owner of tatty devine!
You're not a hipster though. You're waaaaay too cool. I love your fashion sense too. I, on other hand, can never wear a dress!

I saw three girls with an artificial mustache on (different occasions), so I thought it was pretty funny that it was even considered as being a hipster. I thought those girls were just trying to have fun =)