Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Evan Penny

Self Portrait (with artist)

Large Murray

No One - In Particular

The sculptures look realistic when you look at them in a certain angle, but you'll soon realise that they not fully three dimensional.
"In the digital age, our grasp of reality is ever more elusive. The virtual and the real no doubt will become increasingly intertwined, profoundly altering our vision and our worldview as a result. Our biological bodies can be re-engineered by new technologies, our identities altered, stolen, and invented as easily as digital code can be reconfigured. Ultimately, Evan Penny's provocative portraits are not about the particular people he portrays. Rather, they underscore the instability and mutability of the human subject in our digitally decoded, electronically mediated, and multitasking age. His ambiguous bodies test the limitations of traditional forms of representation to remind us that our notion of "the real" is as mutable as our point-of-view." ~Joe Houston, 2007
Source: Evan Penny

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