Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pink Flamingos by John Waters

I recently watched Pink Flamingos by John Waters.
Everyone kept telling me how this film was absolutely disturbing and hilarious.
I didn't think the film was disturbing at all but hilarious... The fact that I didn't find it disturbing was more disturbing than the film.

I was surprised at myself for not finding certain scenes "repulsive" or "offensive."
Certain scenes like... (Spoilers!)
When Divine gave a blow job to her son, I didn't find it disgusting. If her son had a real erection from Divine's bj, that's disturbing.

Divine's mother Edie has a weird fetish/obsession for eggs and she's half-naked in a baby crib all the time. That's not disturbing. Everyone has an unusual obsession for an edible object. Just admit it. You eat it right after you get tired of it, don't you.

Hermaphrodite in the park was not disturbing. You know what's disturbing? Lily Allen's third nipple.

A chicken dies in a sex scene. Not offensive. John Water's comment: "I think we made the chicken's life better. (It) Got to be in a movie, got fucked, and then right after filming the next take, the cast ate the chicken."

We all have an asshole. You have one, I have one, we all have one. The scene where the guy "sings" with his asshole wasn't really that disturbing. HOWEVER, the song got stuck in my head (it's really catchy, actually) and every time when I think about the song, all I can see in my head is an asshole. Augh, when does the song ever go away!?

Channing impregnates imprisoned women by artificially inseminating them. He jerks off, puts the semen in a tube, and then injects it into the woman's vagina. Actually, that was the only scene that almost made me puke.

Divine eats dog shit. The scene gave me a wtf reaction, but it didn't make me vomit. I bet if I watched 2 girls 1 cup, I would have vomited (No, I never watched it and I never will. Thank you David Spates for warning me!).

"Now I need therapy!"
"All Because of you two Hefers. You need Jesus." LMAO

To me the whole film, from beginning to end, was pure comedy.
I love Pink Flamingos. I'm going to watch it for the 10th time.

P.S. - Divine is HOT.

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