Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Makoto Aida (会田 誠)

The Giant Member Fuji versus King Gidora
1993 / 310×410cm

Harakiri School Girls
1999 /

1996 / 100×90cm

2001 / 290×210.5cm

Makoto Aida is one of Japan's most diverse and controversial artists.

Aida has covered most of the artistic angles with an oeuvre that includes manga,
painting, video, and installation, executed with such a wide range of expressive
qualities that it is difficult to believe all could have been created by a
single artist. There were technically brilliant paintings, ink brush works,
expressionistic oil paintings, a video, a sculpture, and a collaboration with
students. One of the strengths of his work has been this sense of diversity of
media and methods through which he isolates and spears various issues.

Aida's work can be categorized into three related areas: questions of
Japanese politics and power, questions of Japanese aesthetics and beauty, and
questions of relationships with the "West". Aida may be best-known for his
disturbing Nihonga paintings of young female amputees, some of them leashed like
a dog. He has also exhibited a "Fake Suicide Machine," built a cardboard castle
for the Shinjuku homeless, and done a splendid series of mock children’s
paintings on themes such as "Save Nature," and "Be Punctual."
~ Author: Sam Lay

Source: Makoto Aida

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