Wednesday, 29 April 2009


You can upload the photos of your style, looks, and fashion sense on LOOKBOOK.
I like this website since everyone looks so beautiful (Eunie's inner mind yells, "PHOTOSHOP!!!!"). I doubt that people dress like that all the time though. It's tiring and clothes are so pricey these days. I love fashion, but I'm not obsessed with clothes. As long as I'm not naked, I wouldn't pay a lot of money just to look fashionable for people I don't even know. It's not worth it.

Pretty People in Pretty Clothes:

Because he's too beautiful to be called a man.

Because he's a talented15 year old kid who can make himself look like a 30 year old man.

Because even though she's just a rich spoiled brat, I like her photoshop skill.

Ohhhhhh Noooo...:

Because even though she's only 16, she looks like a beat up 36 year old prostitute you can pay for $5 an hour. Yes, five DOLLARS.

Because she's a 13 year old girl pretending like they are her shoes.

Because even thought he calls himself the "Asian sensation from New Jersey", there's nothing sensational about him.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying what we think XD I'm going to check this LookBook out, thanks.