Friday, 24 April 2009

Kyouei Design

The products from Kyouei Design are so clever!

Like the Saturday night self pouring wine glass!!!
glass tank material : heat-resistance glass size: W130mm x D80mm x H220mm weight : 210g
"it is a glass for drinking a lot. a device consists of a bulb shaped container with the glass below. when the amount in the glass decreases, a constant amount is poured from the tank into the glass. never overflowing from the glass because of air pressure and water pressure."

...or the Umbrella plant pot that's only suitable in London!!!

umbrella pot material: ceramic size: W330mm x D290mm x H515mm
"the umbrella pot made of ceramic has a small plant pot at the bottom to use the rain water.
this umbrella pot allows rainwater from your umbrella to drain into the plant pot. low-maintenance way to keep a small plant. rainwater drains into the plant pot via internal holes."

...or the ideal napkin for a messy person who has the reason to be clumsy at the dinner table!!!

frame napkin
size: 490mm×525mm
"please don't be afraid of staining.
after meals, you can enjoy your "today's special" art.
the "stain" is art !"

Source: Kyouei Design

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