Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ann Wang

Ann Wang and I seem to have something in common...
Our love for cats!
Ann Wang often uses cats as her main subject in her illustrations.

I love her other works too.
They remind me of a picture book I used to read when I was a child. It was about a grasshopper who was very lazy. He played the violin all day while the ants worked hard to save food for the winter. One day, the winter came and the grasshopper realised that he didn't have any food. He begged for food from the ants and... err... ah... what was it... ahhh... *eunie scratches her head*... I think the ants invited him in and the grasshopper learned a valuable lesson. He told the ants, "I won't be lazy anymore! I will work hard from now on." He went into their house and became lazy again, and ate all their food, which made him very fat. The ants became very angry and ate the fat grasshopper. He couldn't run away since he was very heavy, so he was eaten alive. Yes, I think that was it. The moral of the story? Nothing in this world is free! It's all give and take!

Source: Ann Wang

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