Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Leong Wan Kok

Leong Wan Kok is a Malaysian illustrator who "has been working in the line of computer graphics for 10 years in various productions covering comic, concept design, 2d animation and games. (~Josef Lee)"

His artworks are quite dark and disturbing, but funny at the same time.

In the future, I hope to publish my own comics just like him. He has various series of comics, and I can tell from the content of his website that he is very hardworking.

I love how he uses colour in his illustrations. Colourful yet dark, his illustrations work well together with the colours.

His sketches are quite detailed, which makes me wonder if he already knew what he wanted to draw even before he even lifted his pencil. I need to work on my character development, and I feel like I learned a lot from him just by looking at his sketches.

His sculptures are amazing as well. It's like his characters had come to life.

He experiments with different range of media, and he is skillful at whatever he does. He turned his illustration into sculptures, 2D animations, 3D modeling, and so on. He motivates me to do so much more than just drawing!

His website is very informative. He's not one of those "I-am-an-artist-who-keeps-everything-secret." He photographs how he produces his works, which is really helpful.

Source: 1000Tentacles, 1000Tantacles Blog

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