Saturday, 7 March 2009

Ivan Brunetti

Valentine's Day cover

'... art school fuckwad?'

'Blessed are the meek...'

'Hubba Fucking Hubba...'

'Just show us how to get pornography ...'

Ivan Brunetti's covers taboo related topics with humour like cannibalism, pedophilia, murder, religion, and so on. Some might be offended by the content of his comics, but I don't. I find his comics very humorous, especially the ones which he complains how miserable he is.
I mean, you can't cry like a baby how depressed you are because of your past, actions, or situations. Why not laugh about your suffering to get it over with and move on, no?
"Ivan Brunetti specializes in an idiom that appears to be merely obsessed with scatology and self-deprecation, but which reveals, in a backhanded way, the artist's great sensitivity and intellect. Brunetti works in an eclectic and organic style, switching from Hello Kitty-like graphics to extreme realism." - Fantagraphocs Books

"After reading your comic book, I had the overall impression that maybe I wasn’t such a bad guy overall." – Chris Ware

"I enjoyed watching you suffer — keep on whining!" – Art Spiegelman

"A sense of humor as black as ink...a darkly funny, intensely personal, uncompromisingly nihilistic comic book." – The Chicago Reader

"Brunetti’s self-loathing and seething disgust is so unrelenting that it begs a simple question: What the hell is wrong with this guy?" – SPIN

"Lighten up, dude." – R. Crumb

Source: Comic Art Collective, Ivan Brunetti Wiki

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