Thursday, 5 March 2009

Borderline Racist 1960's Jell-O Ad

This isn't even "borderline." It IS racist.
What, did Westerners think that Chinese people weren't "advanced" or "modernised" to use the spoon? It's as if Chinese people didn't even know how to use kitchen utensils other than chopsticks. China has such a long history (and Chinese people are proud of it and they should be!). Didn't the Westerners know that they were using wooden spoons when Chinese people were using beautifully patterned ceramic spoons for more than thousand years????

Spoon was invented independently by many civilisations but the advertisement clearly states that "great Western invention" is a "spoon."

I find this commercial very offensive.

This is why I encourage people to read and learn about history.

I wish I could shove my fist into the narrator's throat every time he mentions that the baby and the mother are Chinese.

"Famous western delicacy" my ass. Eat my shit.

P.S. - Jell-O is made up of unhealthy chemicals and additives. I used to eat Jell-O a lot though... with my chopsticks! Beat that! =P

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