Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Zeel is a website created by my tutor, Geoff Coupland.

"IT FEATURES WORK BY 16 TOP-HOLE ILLUSTRATORS drawing themselves in the the coolest clothes they had as a kid. It goes with an exhibition at pollocks toy museum london, about the birth of fashion for kids. "

'Amelias magazine'

'A-Z of zeel characters' postcard design

cd cover 'not so slow'

sticker design for folk music event

badge designs

Geoff is a kid at heart, and a sweet one too! The way he talks about his six year old son is just so adorable! I love all of Geoff's character designs because they are so "Geoff." He marked his existence with his expressive imagination. I try to create my own style too, but I still find it difficult. I need to experiment with different media and styles!
Geoff used to illustrate for The Guardian but I don't know if he still does at the moment.

Source: Zeel, Geoff's Blog, Zeel Myspace

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